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Author of the Young Adult Novel:
Piano Freak

About the Author

On Deanna's tenth birthday, she made a secret wish to understand the mysteries of love, angels, and ghost. At the end of each decade, she attempts to answer her childhood desire. Close to five decades later, she continues to explore her quest in creative writing.

She is an animal, nature, and humanitarian advocate. A part of her life was spent in the business world, but she continued her love of dance, world religion, and literature. Currently, she is a tutor for 10,000 Degrees while working on writing projects.

She graduated with high marks from Emerson College's MFA in Popular Fiction and Publishing as well as UC Berkeley Ext.’s Post Baccalaureate in Writing.

She received a merit-based scholarship at Emerson for her short story Evergreen, and was featured in the California Writer Club Literary Review for her short story Utopia 40.

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DK Zier
Tropical flowers

Get to Know DK Zier

  • Dancer of Hula and ballet.

  • Yes, she was a teen in the 80s!

  • Admire the passion of artists, musicians, and writers.

  • Collector of shells, journals, and gems.

  • Left an executive MBA program to pursue creative writing.

  • A supporter of animal welfare.

  • Introvert by nature and an extrovert out of necessity.

  • Fan of Hawaiian culture and World Religion.

  • Writes under a pen name.

Writing affiliations:

  • California Writers Club

  • The Slow Novel Lab (Spring 2021)


Novel: Piano Freak

Young Adult | Mystery / Magical Realism | 60,000 words | Agents' inquiries are welcome

In life, it is the mysterious that matter, things like love, ghost, and unspoken rules.

Cate S. Cruz unknowingly breaks the Academy’s unspoken rules, which cast her as a social pariah. Freshman year is supposed to be about promising prospects. Instead, friendships are shifting just when she needs to focus. Bad grows to worst when an evil apparition reappears from her childhood. Alone with questionable sanity, she escapes through songwriting and Lavinia’s piano, for it articulates the complexities of life. There is no language other than music that can fully express the depths of the unexplainable.

Music is the key to another dimension. Cate will find her way through the chaos, and the truth will emerge.

Tropical flowers

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Tell Me

Lyrics by Cate S. Cruz

Tell me your earliest memory, oh girl,
and I will fathom your life.
The first time you felt love—
though it was doomed.

How misleading is the compass of life?
Oh yeah, it’s called the metamorphosis rite.

Or what about fear?
The raw form of evil that appears,
yet a child knows it won’t disappear.
Tell me, what you really believe,
and I will try not to grieve.

Oh yeah, it’s revealed when we are stripped –
Down – down to the core.
Our loves and fears exposed;
what strange rules in life.

How misleading is the compass of life.
Oh girl, it's called the metamorphosis rite.

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Short Stories

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  • Evergreen (In submission)

  • Sacrificial Ring

  • Society of Eve

  • Thai Takeout

  • Utopia 40 CWC Literary Review

Children's Book Series

  • Cocoa & Yoyo - in progress


  • Lillian 1910

  • Little Brown Girl (In submission)

Quest in Creative Writing...

"A secret wish to understand the mysteries of love, angels, and ghost."